Why Choose Waldrons?


100 percent irish pork

Only Irish Pork

“Careful pork selection with 100% traceability ensures that only the finest and freshest pork and bacon joints, sausages, rashers and puddings reach the retail shelf and customer table.”

sausage on a fork

Higher Meat Content

“Our sausage line contains a high percentage meat content – 70% which well exceeds industry average. This higher meat content makes our sausages a healthier more natural choice!”

bacon joint isolated from background

Unique Recipes & Flavours

“We’re all about innovation! That’s why our product lines includes a wide variety of flavours – Rosemary & Garlic sausage, Maple & Mustard Glazed Bacon Joint and many more!”

bord bia certified member

Bord Bia Approved

“We are proud to carry the Origin Ireland Quality Mark. This mark tells you that our products have been produced with the highest level of care and attention from the farm until they arrive on the shop”

sausages in different pack sizes


“We want to make things easy! That’s why we vary our product sizes. From mini-puddings to catering packs,we meet the needs of the single person,the catering market & everyone in between!”

Waldron Family

From our family to yours!

“We understand families because we are a family! That’s why our aim is to provide the healthiest, premium choice pork products on the market at affordable prices!”

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