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All of our business processes are designed to be as sustainable as possible, including manufacturing, packaging, energy, emissions, waste and recycling. We have invested significantly in our technology, resulting in higher productions speeds with less noise and wastage, and therefore considerably less energy consumption.


We have also recently embarked on our new sustainability journey with ENSO to make our business even more sustainable, and to help make our planet and community a better place. ENSO is a global sustainability platform for purpose-driven businesses that want to address their sustainability and implement initiatives that will benefit their business, the environment and the community.

You can find out more about our sustainability initiatives by clicking the ENSO badge.


All of our online packaging is fully recyclable. Our delivery boxes, ice packs and insulated liners are all fully recyclable to enable our customers to easily dispose of them. Gel packs can be reused, are safe and non-toxic, and may be stored either frozen or at room temperature.

Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme

We are proud members of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme. This scheme ensures our bacon has been processed and packed to the highest standards before reaching the consumer, assuring quality at each stage of the ‘farm to fork’ production chain.

Our bacon is produced to the highest of standards, ensuring sustainability is at the forefront, and is quality assured based on a
number of essential requirements set out by Bord Bia for both product and process relating to:

  • Cleaning, hygiene & HACCP based procedures
  • Storage, handling & transport
  • Product identification, traceability, reconciliation and recall
  • Waste disposal
  • Final product dispatch

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